Lily Evans (now Lily Potter) is a bloody boss ass muggle born witch who is Harry's mother and the wife of James potter.

She was Severus Snape's friend until he was a bad m8 and called her a mudblood, in my opinion James matured and became a lovely man and Snape felt bad and guilty for the rest of his life cause he didn't have enough courage to say 'Sorry lily m8 lemme tell u imma bad person' (well; he did he just likely wasn't a sincere person as he lacked social skills) Snape did die with extreme determination and hope, i'll give him that award for sure.

Lily Evans also died protecting her son, talk about love and sacrifice eh? can't say you'd do the same for your hypothetical child eh bellatrix? oh that's right cause they probably would've died from neglect while you ere worshipping the dirt noseless voldemort walked on.

Lily Evans was a literal goddess (In my opinion), she literally needs her own franchise and also a restraining order for not her sister but her sister's opinions. go to hell petty petunia. Don't even get me started on how beautiful and amazing her and James's relationship was, their kid literally survived the killing curse not once but twice. Because of L-O-V-E, the very thing Voldemort lacked. tbh Harry potter is gr8 but we could have a really good Harry potter family story/canon where Lily, James and Harry rock up to the hogwarts express and slap Draco's attitude off his deathly pale face or go and get coffee at a muggle cafe oR SEE THE AVENGERS TOGETHER if sOMEONE USED THE TIME TURNER TO KILL THE LITERAL RAT THAT IS PETER PETTIGREW.

seriously though we could have:

Harry potter and learning to skip stones on the lake with Lily

Harry potter and the chamber of the easter treasure hunt,

Harry potter and Uncle Sirius go broom shopping,

Harry Potter and the goblet of candy at Ron's birthday party,

Harry Potter and the order of motherhood (featuring a Molly Weasley version of Jamie Oliver),

Harry Potter and the year snape made peace with Lily and James,

Harry Potter and the year Lily and James's attended harry's graduation.

Honestly though, Lily Potter was fabulous, she could take on the world long as she had love and she always did.

Mind ya this article was written by a slytherin so either it's logical after hearing that or ya bloody hell hate me.