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Code Language Name Articles Wikia?
id Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia Wiki Khusus Harry Potter 7 Yes
bg Bulgarian / Български 2 Yes
ca Catalan / Català Harry Potter Wiki 102 Yes
cs Czech / Česky 6 Yes
da Danish / Dansk Dansk Harry Potter Wiki 195 Yes
de German / Deutsch Harry-Potter-Lexikon 365 Yes
de German / Deutsch Harry Potter Wiki und Lexikon 2679 No
en English / English Harry Potter Wiki 85 Yes
et Estonian / Eesti Harry Potteri Viki 196 Yes
es Spanish / Español Harry Potter Wiki 666 Yes
el Greek / Ελληνικά Wiki για τον Κόσμο του Χάρι Πότερ 70 Yes
fr French / Français L'Encyclopédie Harry Potter 2,448 Yes
he Hebrew 101 Yes
it Italian / Italiano Harry Potter Wiki 227 Yes
ja Japanese / 日本語 Harry Potter Wiki 257 Yes
lt Lithuanian / Lietuvių Hario Poterio Vikipediją 2 Yes
nl Dutch / Nederlands Harry Potter Wiki 2066 Yes
no Norwegian / Norsk (bokmål)‬ Norske Harry Potter Wikiaen 337 Yes
pl Polish / Polski Harry Potter Wiki 1178 Yes
pt-br Portuguese in Brazil / Português do Brasil Harry Potter Wiki 35 Yes
pt Portuguese / Português Madame Pince 4,749 No
ro Romanian (Română) Harry Potter Wiki 7 Yes
ru Русский (Russian) Поттеромания 957 Yes
fi Finnish / Suomi Potterwiki 531 Yes
sv Swedish / Svenska Harry Potter-wikin 515 Yes
tr Turkish / Türkçe Harry Potter 1 Yes
sr Serbian / Srpska Harry Potter Wiki 51 Yes
sq Albanian / Shqip ? Yes

fr:Liste des Wiki Harry Potter

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